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The monumental bronze figure of Sojourner Truth stands behind a concave wall, on an elevated semi-circular stage. She stands to the left of a lectern, her left arm outstretched at her side as she looks out at an imagined audience. She places her…

The life-size bronze figure of Sojourner Truth stands at the center of a square granite base. Truth is shown bespectacled, wearing a period-appropriate head covering, long scarf, and floor-length dress. Her arms are open at her side, in an inviting…

The life-size bronze figure of Sojourner Truth holds a bible in her right hand and handbag in her left. Clad in a simple, unstructured dress, bonnet, and shawl draped around her shoulders, Truth strides forward.

Unlike many sculptural representations of Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Catlett’s work is geometrized and slightly abstracted. Truth is shown with her arms crossed at her chest as she tilts her head skyward, her eyes closed. The flared skirt of her…
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