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Emancipation Monuments


This collection focuses specifically on monuments and memorials that signal the end of slavery through the Emancipation Proclamation. Included in…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Monuments to Resistance


The monuments and memorials in this section commemorate the enslaved and free men and women who resisted bondage and worked to end the institution…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Transatlantic Slave Trade - Middle Passage


This collection focuses on monuments and memorialsdedicated to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage. Between the 16th and 19th…

Contributors: Renée Ater

African American History


The monuments and memorials in this collection acknowledge the important contributions of African Americans to American history including the long…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Universities and Slavery Monuments


The monuments in this collection examine the intertwined histories of American universities and slavery. In his book, Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery,…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Cemeteries and Memorial Parks


This collection is just a fraction of the burial sites dedicated to enslaved persons, "contrabands," and freed persons. Many of these cemeteries and…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Frederick Douglass Monuments


Frederick Douglass (c. February 1818—February 20, 1895), one of the most brilliant orators of his generation, worked ceaselessly for the cause of…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Sojourner Truth Monuments

The monuments in this collection address the life and legacy of Sojourner Truth, the tireless abolitionist, feminist, and brilliant orator. Truth…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Museums to Slavery


The museums assembled in this collection explore the history and legacy of the transatlantic slave trade, chattel slavery, racial terrorism, and…

Contributors: Renée Ater

Slavery Monuments in Mexico, Central America, and South America