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African American History


The monuments and memorials in this collection acknowledge the important contributions of African Americans to American history including the long arc of slavery. Some monuments, such as Texas African American History Memorial, include bas-reliefs of enslaved men and women and well-known historical figures, such as Medgar Evers and President Barack Obama. Other memorials such as Truths that Rise from the Roots Remembered, honor the ability of ordinary Black people to survive and thrive despite slavery, racism, and white supremacy. 


Written by Grace Yasumura


Renée Ater

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South Carolina African-American History Monument (Columbia, SC)
Two semicircular gray granite walls, inlaid with twelve bronze panels illustrating 300 years of African American history, frame an obelisk and pedestal. The twelve scenes of African American history include images of the Middle Passage, an African…

Texas African American History Memorial (Austin, TX)
The monumental work includes two bronze walls featuring figural scenes celebrating 400 years of African Americans’ contributions to Texas history. Decorated on both front and back, Dwight includes depictions of African Americans engaged in the…

African-American Monument (Savannah, GA)
Sited on the tourist promenade of River Street, the work depicts a black family in contemporary dress. The father, mother, daughter, and son hold one another in a tight embrace as they stand on broken chains. Along the base of the work are engravings…

Truths that Rise from the Roots Remembered (Alexandria, VA)
Truths that Rise from the Roots Remembered is located in the Alexandria African American Heritage Park, a nine acre memorial park. The park was the site of a historic Black Baptist Cemetery, established in 1885, and later descecrated when the City of…
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